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    2. Hengyang Best-selling Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd

      Company profile

      HengyangBest-sellingChemical Industry Co.,Ltd(original Hunan Province Hengnan County SongbaiErhuachemical Co.,Ltd)was founded in1976.Enjoying good location,itis situated bank of  scenery beautiful Xiangjiang River,Heng-Zao Railway,Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway,and Jing-Guang train and Xiangjiang water transport also go through it,from factory to downtown of Hengyang just has 20km distance,thetraffic is very convenient.

      HengyangBest-sellingChemical Industry Co.,Ltd professional producezinc sulfate (ZnSO4) and zinc oxide (ZnO),it is a private enterprisesthat combines of  scientific research, product and trade at home and abroad. With its development in the past several years,HengyangBest-sellingChemical Industry Co.,Ltdhasa experience, technology strong professional teamincludes 280 employees,5 senior engineers, 12 engineers of the industrial sector and 40 professional and technical personnel.

      Based on this strong professional technical team, sophisticated equipment, advanced production technology, as well as in the production of international standard management process, ourannual "Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate" powderis30,000 tons/year,the " Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate" Crystal is 10,000 tons/year; Zinc SulphateGranular10,000 tons/year; "Zinc Oxide" is 5,000 tons, annual production valuehasmore than $ 200 million .

      We can according to customer demands, producedifferentproduct's forms(granules, powder, crystals) and different specifications of the high quality products of zinc sulphate.

      Nowadays,our products have been sold to China and Southeast Asian countries more than 20 cities.

      Our goal is to provide the bestquality products and servicesfor domestic and foreign customers andestablisha long-term friendly mutual development cooperationrelationship.

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